Aero-Smith, Inc. - Aircraft Charter

Why Charter?

The one thing you can’t buy back is YOUR TIME!
Some reasons you may want to consider our charter product:

  • Mass humanity at the terminal
  • Scrutiny at security and TSA body search
  • Travel when you wish - not when the airline schedule allows
  • Loss of personal time
  • Dress code. You take pride in your appearance. How about the passenger next to you?
  • Unpleasant airline employees
  • We don’t have a baggage claim
  • Your conversations are public knowledge
  • The Cattle Car experience
  • Snacks and beverages are free

Aircraft Brochure

Aero-Smith, Inc. provides a solution: safe, private, competitive, personalized service that is provided by professional courteous employees.  We are the holder of an U.S. Air Carrier Certificate A85A859W issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.  We operate in full compliance with all FAA safety standards we have been awarded ARG/US Gold rating.  Our company is a domestic charter company. Travel as if you owned your own aircraft. 

Contact us at 800-550-2507